The Badger Classroom

(1 year - 2 years)


The Badger Room caters for children aged approximately 1 - 2 years. The classroom can hold up to 8 children at a time with 3 members of staff.

The Badger and Squirrel Rooms work closely together to support the children.

The children take part in a range of age/stage appropriate activities and experiences. These include, craft, building blocks, the home corner and looking at books. The children especially enjoy relaxing in our cosy area with a story. We also offer an exploration tray, this allows the children to get messy and explore a variety of textures, such as sand, water, dried pasta/rice and compost. As in all our classrooms activities are planned to meet the children's current needs and interests and will vary from week to week.

The children engage in a short group time, this includes singing and exploring musical instruments. Group times begin to encourage the children's sharing and turn taking skills.

We encourage the children's early independence, such as putting on their hats before going outside and recognising their own drinking cups.

In the afternoon the classroom transforms into a quiet and relaxing area for the children to have a sleep. Opportunities are also available during the morning session for those who may need a rest.




Orchard Nursery School