The Rabbit Classroom

(2 years - 3 years)


Our Rabbit Room caters for children aged 2 - 3 years and can host 15 children at a time.

In the Rabbit Room we provide a wide range of stimulating activities and experiences to encourage children's development and imagination. We have a home corner, which changes from a home to hairdressers, to a fire station and anything else which supports the children's interests. If a child has a particular interest we will adapt the area to support their current interests.

An experienced practitioner who is very familiar with the children’s interests and enthusiasms completes the planning of activities. All play opportunities are derived from the children’s next steps for learning and their personal interests. The children have ‘ownership’ over what they are learning and are then motivated to explore all activities, toys, games and experiences to their full potential.

We provide a range of craft activities such as painting, drawing, chalking, sticking and support the children as they learn to hold and use pens, pencils and other writing materials.

We also enjoy exploring a wide variety of media in our messy tray. Using different things to help us explore such as gloop, play dough, baked beans, water, sand, cereal and anything else the children show an interest in! These activities encourage the development of the children’s exploration and personal, social and emotional development.

We have a cosy corner, which has a range of stories to share, blankets and large cushions to snuggle on. Around our cosy corner are photos of our families. These help to build up a link between home and nursery for the child.

We also display photos around the classroom of the children engaging in activities with their peers.




Orchard Nursery School