The Squirrel Classroom

(3 months - 1 year)


The Squirrel room caters for our youngest children aged 3months – 12months. There is a maximum of 6 children per session, between 2 members of staff.

We like to children to get involved in all sorts of craft, which ranges from body painting to car rolling! The children explore paints with their hands and different tools to learn about mark making. The children are introduced to lots of different textures, such as gloop, jelly, pasta and natural objects such as pinecones and leaves. We put together treasure baskets filled with lots of unusual items to develop the young children’s sensory skills.

The setting has recently developed the outdoor provision, which enables all children to explore the outside environment, developing their physical development and understanding of the natural world. We use outside play to encourage and develop the children’s gross motor skills using slides, rocking toys and push along toys! We take the children for walks around Ketteringham Hall grounds to show the children different environments such as the pond and woods; and talk about different animals that we see!

We have lots of colourful, noisy and stimulating resources to support all areas of development such as instruments, construction blocks, cars and action toys.

In the Squirrel Class we also have a black and white cosy area for the children because young children respond best to these contrasting colours. The children can use this area to relax and have some quiet time. The children can also read books there or look at our collection of family photos!




Orchard Nursery School